About Us

By Dr Medina,

In 1991, I decided to open the British Surgery Of Lanzarote. After arriving in Lanzarote a few years prior, I had seen with my eyes how difficult it was for patients to get proper treatment and understand what the doctor was doing to them. Thanks to my service at the UK's NHS, I was able to give patients the medical care they were used to, with the same high standards they had always been accustomed to.
My goal was simple, provide patients with a place where they could come in and be treated with respect, care, and familiarity. And this has paid off; I am proud to say that we are now one of the biggest and most known clinics in Puerto del Carmen and Lanzarote as a whole. Thanks to the special treatment from our doctors and staff, our patients always come back to us when in need.

Two medical officers standing in a garden with an ambulance on the background.